Build Operate Transfer

With Build Operate Transfer Model

Get access to the best in class skill set overseas.

Transformation that leads to taking control over the top tier skill set.

Any business to make use of the expertise overseas, needs a trustworthy partner in homeland. We offer such a Build Operate Transfer model that works with high integrity and transparency.

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Techworks Talent is one of the most reputable software development firms in India and United Kingdom with more than 18 years of experience offering outsourcing software across the world. Contact us to speak with our company experts if you’d like more details regarding our IT services.

build operate transfer
build operate transfer model

We Help Businesses to

  • Setup a well build development center at lower costs
  • Build a team that is aligned to the project goal 
  • Hire and Manage best in class expertise for the project 
  • Avail resources to provide support on different time zones 
  • Scale operations as per the project requirement

Our Approach

We Build

In the build phase, we carefully understand your requirements, project and business goals. We take that extra mile to understand your company culture.

Analyzing the data, we carefully select the best possible, resourceful offshore location. The whole infrastructure that includes office space, IT assets, utilities is then built based on the requirement for the project. With attention to detail, we select a workforce that has the right skill set to get aligned to your company goal and culture.

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We Operate

After the basic infrastructure with resources are built, embodiment of the management takes place. Team hierarchy is formed with Project Manager, Team Lead and Team Members.

Standard operating procedure is prepared and the workforce is trained to adapt the SOP. Regular evaluation procedures take place to reach optimum efficiency. Further upskilling, augmentation, motivations are provided as when required to cope up with the project delivery standards. The entire process in terms of day-to-day operations, team progression is reported to maintain 100% transparency about the progress.

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We Transfer

This is the phase where fully functional infrastructure and resources with all legalities followed is transferred to your company.

The operational unit undergoes a review process to make sure the entire system is aligned towards your company’s goal. After approval, you take control of the offshore team.

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