Hire Developers with right skillset for your projects.

Hire Train Deploy: It is hard to hire a  talent that is deficient in supply in the surged competitive circle, where every company wants to picks the top skilled candidates. With our specialists, we help you source and build a team of skilled personnel who can fulfil your project requirements.

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Every person is talented and owns a specific skill set, but which one does suits your organization?
To answer this, you as a company must invest time in accessing the right needs of your projects along with finding right candidate and to provide right training to them.

This may turn to high cost or more time investment, especially when you lack expert team with you. Here is where, we, Techworks Talents come in to provide you with cost effective business model to select perfect candidate who will be trained with purpose and deploy them in the right place.If you’re a tech company looking to build a talent pool, our Hire-Train-Deploy Model is perfect for you. We hire college grads and candidates with less than three years of experience, and provide them with exclusive training customized to your needs. Once they’re ready, we deploy them on your projects.This model is perfect for companies who want to focus on their customers and leave the talent acquisition and training to us. So if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to build your talent pipeline, our Hire-Train-Deploy Model is the solution for you.

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How we help

                                                        HIRE . TRAIN . DEPLOY


We choose excellent candidates from different sets of experiences, right from fresh graduates from renowned colleges or universities, mid level experienced to professionals.

Our recruitment process is robust and involves multiple interview sessions. Sourcing and hiring the best skillset with technical knowledge is given priority to the service that we provide you. Get right candidates with us.

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Technical training is completely customized to meet the company’s skillset and project requirements. Our expert mentors shall provide complete straining to look through if any skill gap persists.

Monitoring wiith proper guidence and support is undertaken throughout the program. At every stage , the candidate is assessed periodically for better performance and productivity. Let’s Fill the skill gap.Our best in class technology trainers provide online and offline training for an agreed table of contents to your company’s learners. This way, you can be sure that your employees are getting the most up-to-date and comprehensive training possible.

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Any service provider can give you training but what is most important of all is the perfect deployment of candidates by truly understanding the job role and project needs.

At Techworks Talents, we perfectly balance this equation, where our trained candidates are deployed to right projects to avail working in right place that shall help them personally to outshine their learned skills as well as provide benefits your company. Place right candidate at right projects.

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Our Approach

As a team of specialists, we work very closely with our clients, which helps us to understand the organization’s objectives and project requirements.

Our knowledge and experience allow us to provide you with a better technical resource, with well-trained skills that adapt to your company and employee culture as well as fit into the project needs.

Identify the client’s need and match the candidate profile from the best resources.

Understand organizational challenges and customize training modules.

Provide mentorship and train candidates to fulfill the technical requirements of the client’s project.

Assess the learning curve of each candidate prior to deployment.

Deploy the candidates in real-time projects and provide support.